The Shelcaster media platform was developed by Sheldon Media in order to provide organizations with a professional means to deliver organized media content. Content includes streaming audio, video, and interactive media such as 3D virtual tours. The various features of Shelcaster allow organizations to maintain an interactive web presence in a single platform that includes the website, broadcaster, and mobile apps.

Shelcaster is a web trifecta. The website platform is a complete industry standard content management system with a fully responsive mobile friendly layout. The broadcast platform streams audio, video, and interactive media. There are three primary stream types available with audio and video; continuous play like TV or radio, on-demand streaming, and live streaming. The interactive media will include 3D virtual tours which will be VR capable. The Mobile apps will be dynamically connected to the website. Changes made in the website and broadcaster will automatically reflect in the mobile apps. The mobile apps will be native iOS and Android apps available in iTunes and Google Play.

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