Own Your Own Shelcaster Network!

Shelcaster is an online broadcast network platform developed by Sheldon Media. Shelcaster provides organizations with the ability to manage, organize, and broadcast media content worldwide. Unlike most streaming platforms, Shelcaster is easy to manage and 100% white labeled for the broadcast network owner. The network owner owns 100% of their content. The broadcast platform is not only the best solution for distributing audio, video, and interactive content, but also serves as a full blown website platform with a full industry standard content management system. Shelcaster is truly a full one-stop website and broadcast solution.

Why Shelcaster? If you

have music content,

have video content,

have a streaming channel on Youtube,

want to reach the masses YOUR way,

want to maintain 100% ownership of content,

want to stream live,

want to sell digital downloads,

have a music label,

have e-learning programs,

manage podcasts,

need closed inter-office business communications,

have any need to broadcast and manage digital content on the web and mobile,

you need Shelcaster!

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Full content management system
Mobile friendly layout
Unlimited pages
Password protected areas and features


Broadcast live, on-demand, and continuous play
Unlimited categories and playlists
White labelled for business branding
Stream HD video, audio, and interactive media

Mobile App

Native mobile app from iTunes and Google Play
Integrated broadcaster
Dynamically connected to website
Updates automatically from website changes

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