The Private Labeled Streaming Service and Business Platform

What is Shelcaster?

Welcome to Shelcaster – Your Independent Live and On-demand Streaming Solution. Escape the noise of social and mainstream entertainment platforms as we offer a tailored experience focused on media broadcasting, user engagement, and monetization in conjunction with a comprehensive content management system. Discover a platform that eliminates the clutter and puts your content in the spotlight.

Shelcaster is an online broadcast network platform developed by Sheldon Media. Shelcaster provides organizations with the ability to manage, organize, and broadcast media content worldwide. Unlike most streaming platforms, Shelcaster is easy to manage and 100% white labeled for the broadcast network owner. The network owner owns 100% of their content.

The broadcast platform is not only the best solution for distributing audio, video, and interactive content, but also serves as a full blown website platform with a full industry standard content management system. Shelcaster is truly a full one-stop website and broadcast solution.

Why Shelcaster?


Promote yourself and do not lose your audience to various distractions. Music and Visual Artists, Vloggers, Brand and Product Marketers, Communities, Master Classes

Business or Commercial

One platform for all of your live streaming and on-demand content needs. E-learning and training, live event meetings, town hall meetings, even private investor meetings. Add your marketing team and use Shelcaster as a complete solution


Promote and engage with audiences that support your mission. Utilize the platform to strengthen your fundraising through donations, live event ticket sales, or merchandise sales.

Private labeled

Your network, your brand. Your streaming service will reflect your company's brand. Add your colors, logo, and styles to give that proprietary feel to your audience.

Fully responsive

Your streaming service is designed for all devices. Whether mobile, desktop, or TV, you get the full broadcast experience.

Custom channels

Create unlimited channels and playlists. Separate channels by categories you create. Add unlimited audio, video, and interactive media to your channels.

Monetize your content

Monetize content by selling advertising, subscriptions, and products. Any combination of monitization methods may be used.


Shelcaster is your opportunity to tell your stories the way they deserve to be told. Want to produce a film, TV show, or music? Shelcaster allows you to organize, distribute, and sell your content any way you choose.

As an independent creative, you have the opportunity to build your audience without the distractions of social media. Even if you use social media as a tool to connect to the masses, Shelcaster is where you can direct your audience to experience your content as you intended.

Become a Shelcaster network owner and present your work to the world in a professional and profitable way under your own brand.

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